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Cosmetology License Requirements in Colorado

If you're the type of person who prefers interpersonal stimulation to solitary work, using your hands and your instincts to working with computers and impersonal details, you may be perfect for a career in cosmetology. Beauty professionals spend their days talking to people and executing their artistic vision. Colorado beauty schools provide the training you need get certified and begin practicing this rewarding art. Listed below are Colorado's five license offerings and their corresponding hour requirements.

  • Cosmetologist: 1800 hours of class (60 credits)
  • Barber: 1500 hours of class (50 credits)
  • Cosmetician: 600 hours of class (20 credits)
  • Manicurist: 600 hours of class(20 credits)
  • Hair Stylist: 1200 hours of class (40 credits)

Preparing for a License Exam with Colorado Beauty Schools

When you enroll in Colorado cosmetology schools, you're not signing up for a program of rote memorization. Rather, you're preparing yourself for the job market with hands-on learning exercises. Colorado beauty schools teach:

  • cosmetologists, how to cut, curl and color hair
  • barbers, how to make the most of different hair types and offer customers first-rate shaves
  • cosmeticians, how to enhance a woman's best features with makeup
  • manicurists, how to master everything from polishing to nail wraps
  • hair stylists, how to use modern techniques such as razor styling

Don't hesitate--enroll today.

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