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Cosmetology License Requirements in Delaware

If you're the type of person who enjoys social interaction and working with your hands, and possesses a great eye for aesthetics to boot, you may want to consider pursuing a cosmetology license with Delaware beauty schools. Beauty professionals work with clients of all ages and backgrounds, fusing their artistic vision with the unique needs each new face and head of hair present. Delaware offers five licenses in the field of professional beauty and these are listed below, along with their corresponding hour requirements.

  • Cosmetologist: 1500 hours of class (3000 hours for apprenticeship)
  • Manicurist: 125 hours of class (250 hours for apprenticeship)
  • Esthetician: 300 hours of class (600 hours for apprenticeship)
  • Electrologist: 300 hours of class (600 hours for apprenticeship)
  • Barber: 1500 hours of class (3000 hours for apprenticeship)

Earning a License from Delaware Beauty Schools

Indeed, Delaware cosmetology schools can prepare you for a variety of career fields. Cosmetologists master a range of skills, from thermal curling to facial treatments, just to name a few. Manicurists sculpt and polish nails into beautiful accessories, while estheticians learn to apply makeup and pamper clients with facial massages. Electrologists study the hair-removal techniques of thermolysis and blend method. In Delaware barber schools, students discover tricks to providing each client with the best cut possible. Enroll today and dive into the exciting world of personal appearance care.

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